How to install kali nethunter in android no root

Install kali Nethunter in Android

kali Linux in android phone without root

install kali Net hunter in any android phone use all of the tools in Kali Linux in a phone without losing the warranty.
kali linux in android


Android Device - any unrooted  stock device

Termux - for Linux environment

Nethunter Kex-client app- for a graphical environment


  • Install the NetHunter-Store app from https://store.nethunter.com
  • From the same NetHunter Store, install TermuxNetHunter-KeX client, and Hacker’s keyboard
  • Open Termux and type commands one by one:


    pkg install wget

    wget -O install-nethunter-termux https://offs.ec/2MceZWr

    chmod +x install-nethunter-termux



set password in Kex client
Open Termux and use the command 


after that 


install nethunter in termux
Termux App

Type the same password.. And after the session started to go in the kex-client app

installing nethunter using kex client
Kex-client App

And press connect

  Nethunter will start. 


nethunterstart nethunter
kexstart kex-client
kex stopstop kex client

you can use the custom resolution and advance setting in nethunter kex client app to tweak.

Burp suite in nethunter

Burp suite in nethunter


  1. after installing first use commands apt update and apt upgrade. if you want to use full version of Kali Linux then use apt install kali-linux-full.
  2. Firefox works fine with rooted devices, for the unrooted devices. Just replace it with Chromium via:
    apt remove firefox-esr
    apt install chromium
    ~ Find the “Chromium Web Browser”  in the application menu
    ~ right-click and select “Edit Application”
    ~ Change the “Command” to /usr/bin/chromium --no-sandbox %U
  3. in a galaxy unrooted devices use 'su -c' for sudo
  4.  utilities like “top” won’t run on unrooted phones.

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