DVWA in Kali Linux Using Xampp

DVWA in Kali Linux Using Xampp

 To use DVWA in Kali Linux which is a vulnerable web application for testing purposes we will be using the Xammp server to configure our MySQL server and Apache server to host dvwa web application. which is the easiest way to install Dvwa in Kali Linux.

first of all, we need to install files we needed

  1. Damn Vulnerable Web Application (DVWA)  -->  Download 

    2. XAMPP --> Download

    for DVWA simply click on download and it will open the site URL and Download it from there.

    DVWA Download
    DVWA Download

    For Downloading XAMPP open the link clicking Download and scroll down to find a file for Linux. you can also download for windows and MAC from here.

    Downloading XAMPP

    Downloading XAMPP

    After downloading XMAPP go to your downloads and right-click on the installer and in permissions allow it to run as a program.


    now click on the XAMPP installer and complete the installation process.

    in between, it will tell you where is XAMPP directory is so keep it in mind.

    usually, it's in 


     now  extract dvwa file we Downloaded and copy it, 

    paste  dvwa file in htdocs


    now open that dvwa file named DVWA-master in default you can name it whatever you want, 

    open config folder,

    you will see  config.inc.php.dist there

    now copy it and paste it there so if we did mistakes in the config we can still have an original version of it,

    and rename the original file to config.inc.php 

    simply remove .dist from there,

    DVWA config

    now open config.inc.php file and find their password and remove it from there, keep it blank.

    DVWA config

     now to ready to go toward XAMPP , to open XAMPP manager we need to go in /opt/lampp where we can find


    Click on it and XAMPP will open. it will show welcome

    simply go in manage server, and start MySQL database and apache webserver


    all set, now go to browse and type localhost in the URL section, it will show the XAMPP page first, now we need to type 


    and it will open the DVWA webpage now scroll down and click on create a database and then on the next page, 

    username- admin

    password- password

    after hitting enter you are in DVWA and have all of the functions ready to use its default difficulty is impossible to make it according to your testing.




    This is the easiest way to install vulnerable web applications like DVWA but you can host other vulnerable web applications also in XAMPP Ex. BWAPP

    practicing hacking in a vulnerable web application is a must for all beginner hackers.

    so get to work with it,


    Happy Hacking...

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