John The Ripper Full Tutorial (Linux,windows,hash,wifi handshake cracking)

John The Ripper Full Tutorial 

john the ripper is an advanced password cracking tool used by many which are free and open source. John the Ripper initially developed for UNIX operating system but now it works on Fifteen different platforms.

John The Ripper widely used to reduce the risk of network security causes by weak passwords as well as to measure other security flaws regarding encryptions. John The Ripper uses a wide variety of password cracking techniques against user accounts of many operating systems, password encryptions, and hashes.
such as crypt password hash types( MD5, DES or Blowfish).
Windows NT/XP/2000/2003/LM hash.
Also, passwords stored in MySQL, LDAP, and others.

John The Ripper is a combination of the number of password crackers in one package makes it one of the best password testing and breaking program which autodetects password hashes and customizable password cracker.

John the Ripper has an official free version, a community enhanced version, and also a pro version.

In this tutorial, we will see the most common password cracking like Linux password, Zip file protected with a password, Windows password, and Wifi Handshake file cracking.

    Installing and Downloading John the Ripper in Kali Linux.

    first, we need to install John The Ripper,
    it comes preinstalled in Kali Linux 

    to install in other Linux Os simply use command.

    # sudo apt-get install john 

    For Windows, Mac and Android go to the official site of JTR 

    Type John in terminal to see options.

    John The Ripper Full Tutorial

     Cracking Linux user Passwords:
     Cracking Linux password in John The Ripper also called unshadowing because Linux passwords are saved in Shadow files which located in

    so cracking Linux password or unshadow password simply use this command in John The Ripper.

    # john /etc/shadow

    Cracking Linux Password:

    As you can see John cracked the password in the shadow file.
    This process sometimes takes time depending upon password complexity and the number of users. 


    Decrypting MD5 hash: 

    There are lots of hash types present over the internet but we are going to use MD5 in this article MD5 hash is a new type of encryption now widely used so let's crack the hash.
     first, we need to store the hash in .txt file which can then accessible for john the ripper using the command.

     I stored MD5 hash in MD5hash.txt and used this command.

    # john --format=raw-MD5 /root/Desktop/MD5hash.txt

    Decrypting MD5 hash:

    So John cracked the hash successfully and also correctly.

    You can also decrypt other hashes like MD5 just by changing the command of hash format.


    Cracking password protected Zip/RAR file: 

     Zip/RAR file is the most commonly used password protection to files and is widely used. we many times stumbled upon a password-protected ZIP file that has lots of valuable data in it. So here we will crack the Zip file password in John the Ripper. And Also John the Ripper RAR password Cracking

     Lots of Folks Asking about how to create password protected files in Linux, So let's cover them up also.

    First, select the file which you want to password encrypted and right-click on it and select Create Archive.

    create password protected file in Linux

    After that select which compression you want to choose we will ZIP which is way bottom in there.

    create password protected file in Linux

    Now, Click on other options where you can see the password field type password you want, and click on create. 

    create password protected file in Linux

    So this is how you can create a password-protected ZIP file in Kali Linux. 

     We created a password-protected Zip file now we will Decrypt it using John The Ripper.

    Firstly we need to Export hashes to .txt file using this command.

    # zip2john [Zipfile]>zipfile.txt

    This command will export zip keys to .txt file which we will feed to John The Ripper. in my case.

    Cracking password protected Zip/RAR file:

     It's okay if this shows that, if you check zipfile.txt or cat it you will see their zip keys are exported successfully.

    Now use this command to crack those keys in john. or Crack Zip password in John the Ripper

    # john --format=zip [zip.txt]

    Cracking password protected Zip/RAR file:

    As you can see the password is decrypted successfully. This is a John the Ripper Zip crack.

    If you want to crack a password of RAR with John the Ripper then Use the command.

    # rar2john [zipfile]>zipkey.txt


    Cracking windows user password:

    In this John The Ripper Tutorial we will crack Windows password stored in SAM and SYSTEM files located in


    Just copy these files using CMD type these commands

    reg save hklm\SYSTEM     (for SYSTEM file)

    reg save hklm\SAM      (for SAM file)

    Now take these files in Kali Linux and need to extract Windows keys so we can crack them use this command

    # samdump2 SYSTEM SAM>keys.txt

    Details of windows users' passwords will be saved in keys.txt and now we can feed it to John the ripper so it can crack it.

    # john --format=LM --user=administrator keys.txt

    you can choose the username you want to crack simply specify there instead of an administrator. and john will crack those passwords for you.

    If you want to use a custom wordlist then use this command.

    # john --wordlist=[wordlist.txt] --user=administrator keys.txt


    Cracking WPA/WPA2 handshake using John The Ripper.

    Here in this John the Ripper Tutorial will only show you how to crack WPA/WPA2 handshake not to capture it. (that's for another day)

    The captured handshake must be in .hccap file it not then convert it.

    now use this command to export keys in a handshake.
    # hccap2john [capture]>keys.txt
    now keys will be exported to keys.txt so we will crack this handshake using a custom wordlist.
    use this command.
    # john --wordlist=[wordlist.txt] /keys.txt
    and john will start cracking process, a succession of attack depends upon password must be present in wordlist if that wordlist was not worked try a different one.


    This is how you can crack various password hashes, encryptions, and user passwords using John the Ripper.

    How to Use John the Ripper: Tips and Tutorials?

    John the Ripper is a powerful and popular open-source password cracking program. It can be used to crack passwords for many different operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and BSD.

    This tutorial provides an overview of how to use John the Ripper, including tips and tricks for maximizing its effectiveness. It discusses the basic principles of password cracking, how to use John the Ripper to crack passwords, and how to configure the program for optimal performance.

    It also explains some of the more advanced features, such as custom wordlists and dictionary attacks, as well as how to use John the Ripper for brute-force attacks. With this tutorial, users can quickly get up and running with John the Ripper and make the most of its features.


    How Does John the Ripper Work?

    John the Ripper is a popular open source password cracking tool that is used to recover lost or forgotten passwords. It is a command-line program that uses a combination of password cracking techniques such as dictionary attacks, brute force attacks, and rainbow tables to recover passwords.

    It is an effective tool for password recovery, as it is highly configurable and can be used for a variety of tasks. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. A John the Ripper tutorial can be used to learn how to use the program and understand its features.

    It will teach users how to use the different features and how to choose the best options for their particular needs.

    Additionally, the tutorial will explain the basics of password cracking and the different techniques available. Finally, the tutorial will also cover some of the best practices to keep in mind when using the tool.


    What is John the Ripper Used For?

    John the Ripper is a powerful open source password cracking tool that allows users to recover passwords from various types of password hashes. It is a popular tool among security professionals and system administrators to test the strength of passwords and detect weak passwords.

    John the Ripper can be used to detect weak passwords easily and quickly. It can also be used to compare password hashes and detect reused passwords. Furthermore, it can also be used to crack passwords that have been hashed with complex algorithms such as MD5, SHA-1, and Blowfish.

    With the help of John the Ripper, security professionals can ensure their systems are secure and that their user’s passwords are strong. There are a variety of tutorials available online that can help users get started with using John the Ripper.


    How to Download John the Ripper.


    John the Ripper is a powerful tool for password cracking. It is used to detect weak passwords, allowing users to make their systems more secure.

    It can be used to test passwords on a single system, as well as for testing many passwords across multiple systems at once.

    To download John the Ripper, users need to visit the official website and download the appropriate version for their operating system.

    Once downloaded, users must unzip the file, and then run the executable file that is included. Once the program is installed, the user can then use it to test passwords and detect weak ones. With John the Ripper, users can make sure their passwords are secure and protect their systems from potential attackers.


    Cracking the User Credentials.


    John The Ripper is a powerful open source tool used to crack user credentials. It is used to detect weak passwords and test password strength. It is a very versatile tool and can be used to attack a variety of different types of passwords.

    It can be used to crack passwords stored in various formats such as Windows password hashes, Unix passwords, and other formats. The tutorial for using John The Ripper involves downloading the tool and then running the cracker against the file containing the passwords. It is important to follow the instructions carefully in order to ensure that the passwords are successfully cracked.

    There are also a number of other features available such as the ability to use a dictionary to crack passwords, as well as brute force attacks and other methods. With some practice and patience, anyone can become an expert at using John The Ripper to crack user credentials.


    How to Defend Against Password Attacks.

    John The Ripper Tutorial How to Defend Against Password Attacks is a comprehensive guide to protecting yourself from password attacks by using the open-source password cracking tool John the Ripper.

    This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to using John the Ripper to detect potential vulnerabilities in your system, create stronger passwords, and protect yourself from potential password attacks. Additionally, it covers topics such as password hashes, dictionary attacks, and rules-based cracking.

    This tutorial is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their security against password attacks, as it provides comprehensive guidance on how to use John the Ripper to detect and protect against password attacks.



    These are the most common password encryptions you will encounter many times in your experience with hacking and penetration testing and john the ripper is here to help you with every one of them. you will get pretty much ideas about how to crack other password encryptions using John The Ripper.

    sometimes it takes too much time to crack a password or it gets failed of password not found in many cases than using custom wordlists can help you here but the cracking password is dependent upon password complexity and a number of character used. 

      Such as using variables like (!@#$%^&*_<>)  and combining it with lowercase and uppercase with more than 12 characters long passwords can make password cracking insanely difficult.

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