5 Cool Hacking Prank Sites to Scare or Impress (Also Video Creation)

Today we're gonna be making kind of a funny Article these are gonna be the top five websites to kind of have fun and prank your friends into thinking you're a hacker or just to kind of make yourself feel like a hacker maybe if you just aren't able to be a hacker so these websites are just kind of for fun they're good for pranks and they're pretty just kind of fun to check out so guys let's go ahead and get into the list.

hacking websites prank

In recent years, the term “hacking” has gained a negative connotation; however, it can be used in a positive way. For example, hacking websites for a prank can be a great way to have a little fun with your friends. It can also be a great way to learn about the basics of website security. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of hacking websites for a prank and how to do it in a safe and responsible manner.


 all right guys first one on the list is this website called hackertyper.net now this could be good for videos or just kind of showing your friends you know when they come over maybe they walk into the room and see you hacking like this they might impress them or might just make yourself feel kind of cool or you can kind of use it for videos.


 Pretty much the way the website works is you just go to it and anything you type is automatically gonna look like some kind of really cool code so this is what it looks like the faster you type the faster you know it types code or if you could just hold the same code in it just kind of hold the same key is not quite as cool when it does that it's one cool kind when you're going like this it's get some pretty good hacking going on right here.

 Overall it's just kind of a fun little tool to play around with and you could impress some people maybe your parents you know you come to the room you're just going like this and they asked what you're doing you just say I'm hacking I'm hacking and you know it could impress them so it's worth a shot.


next one on this list is gonna be a prank site called fakeupdate.net the way this website works is that you could kind of put it in full-screen you know you could barely see it on the screen right there but if you push f11 you put it into fullscreen and that's got what's gonna look like but the main homepage looks more like this and what happens is you could kind of pick what will be on their computer so you could pick something like this.


 I'm some kind of steam thing right here and fullscreen it and then they'll be like well what am I supposed to do with this you know that might kind of confuse them it says dis boot failure or something like that just remember to push f11 and there are good a decent amount of things this one's kind of funny it looks like you got hacked push f11 your friends comes on the computer doesn't know what happen just for a fun laugh.

It also has Wannacry too...


 Next website on this list is called shadyurl.com this is just it's not like sending someone as shady link but it's kind of tricking them to think it is a shady link so they're like why are you sending me this so for example it says right here if you send them google.com it will become this.


 so let's go ahead and try that out just do Google and then of course for some reason we have to do this I'm not really sure why and this is the link that it sends so you could kind of just kinda have fun with your friend's name ugh why did you send me this maybe they'll click on it maybe they won't and then it'll actually just take them to this and they'll just be kind of confused it's just kind of funny right just of a simple fun website.


 next one on this list it's gonna be kind of similar to that first one a little bit what you're basically going to be doing is going to geektyper.com and there are different kind of themes that you could choose from.


 so you could press here to change the theme you could make it different kind of colors make it kind of like this or like this there's.


 also different kind of ways to select and you could enter in an intercom that's kind of cool have different kind of things going on like this open different windows and you can have different kinds of things going in the background kind of like you know like this and then basically what you can do is just full-screen mode it and it's gonna be kind of interactive so it's actually kind of cool.

Could be good for a background video or something like that maybe just some kind of like hacking kind of clip you know showing your friends that you're a real hacker or something like this you know they come in they're like oh what are you doing like on your computer you know this could be pretty weird so it's kind of  a cool website 

Actually pretty customizable and pretty cool and I like how you could change all the things you know down there You gonna have to push f11 to get out of that.


 now the last one of this list isn't so much of a prank I can be a prank but it's just something that's kind of cool basically you're gonna do is go to kickass app  and then you're gonna drag LAunch Kick Ass Button  into your kind of bookmark bar once you do that you can actually place like pretty cool space game.


so I'm gonna show you that right here on my website so here we are on my website and all we do is just click the little tooltip on the thing you can see your score down there and you kind of fly around and basically what you can kind of do is kind of interact with the website like get some kind of level. 

 nothing like too crazy just kind of simple you could kind of fly around destroy the webpage you know just show your friend how much you hate his website or something like that you have a bomb 

 let me know in the comments down below just some funny kind of hacky kind of websites that you found lately that you might like to prank your friends or just prank yourself if you don't have any friends anyways let me know you thought Comment down below and I'll see you again very soon 

hack website prank

Are you looking for an entertaining way to prank your friends? Why not try a hack website prank? This type of prank involves using clever methods to trick your friends into thinking that you have hacked a website. It is an entertaining way to have a good laugh with your friends. In this blog post, we will discuss the different methods you can use to pull off a successful hack website prank.

Happy Hacking...

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