How to Download an install Cain and Abel in Windows

Download and Install Cain and Abel

 In this article I'm going to show you how to download and install Cain and Abel on a windows 10 computer I wouldn't recommend that you run Cain and Abel on your primary windows computer rather install it on a virtual machine or on an alternate laptop or computer that you don't care too much about the reason why is that windows 10 will see Cain and Abel as malicious software and will try and remove it from your computer.

 So one of the first things you need to do is disable antivirus on your Windows 10 computer before you try and install Cain and Abel because otherwise, windows will simply remove it.

 because it sees it once again as malicious software so in this article I'm going to show you all the steps I'm going to show you how to download Cain and Abel, how to install it on windows 10 computer and then I'll show you how to start it up and sniff your networks basically start doing basic hacking using Cain and Abel in other Articles in this series.

So the first thing you need to do in windows is disable your antivirus so i'm going to search for virus and go to virus and threat protection Cain and Abel will be picked up as a virus so you want to disable all your anti-virus settings so make sure that you turn off a real-time protection make sure that you turn off cloud delivered protection turn off automatic sample submission so again you simply want to disable all anti-virus all malware protection etc on your windows computer because Cain and Abel will most likely be picked up as a virus or malicious software.

How To Download Cain and Abel

So once you've disabled antivirus open up a web browser and go to the following URL


 now  cain and abel website has been shut down for a while this software is really old been around for many many years but you can no longer download the software from the  cain and abel website so the  cain and abel website no longer is available but you can get the software from the wayback machine.

So what we're going to download is cane enable version 4.9 for windows nt 2000 and xp you can see the software is downloading it's called ca_setup.exe now again if you don't have your anti-virus disabled it won't allow you to download the software.

 i've also had problems using microsoft browsers to download the software so i'm using Opera to download  cain and able.

 so the software is downloaded it's only about 8mb in size but what i'm going to do is make a copy of the software in case the antivirus complains now before you can run  cain and abel you need to download winpcap.

 So don't run this installation until you've downloaded win pcap again here's the link.


So i'm going to download version 4.1.3 installer for windows it's only a small piece of software so once again open that in folder and i'll double click on windpcap. so again what i'm doing is installing windpcap first and then install Cain and Abel so i'll click next click agree click install and click finish simple installation and now i'm going to double click on the Cain and Abel executable.

To install the software installation is very simple you're basically just going to click next but you're not going to install  Winpcap because you've already installed that so click next next next next installation completes click finish.

but don't start Cain and Abel yet you need to make some changes in control panel so in control panel go to network and internet network and sharing center change adapter settings and on your network adapter the network adapter that you're going to use so in this example i've got two network adapters so disable the one and on this network adapter the one going to use.

double click on it go to properties i'm going to disable ipv6 so disable ipv6 and then go to your ip version 4 settings click properties go to advanced go to dns and make sure that both of these settings are checked click ok click ok again and close those settings.

So once again on any network adapters that you're going to be using make sure that you've disabled ipv6 make sure that under your tcp ip settings under advanced dns you've checked both these boxes and click ok once you've done that.

Download and Install Cain and Abel

 open powershell run that as an administrator and use this command.

netsh int ip set global taskoffload=disable

Download and Install Cain and Abel

 and press enter so hopefully at this point we'll be able to run Cain and Abel so in windows  going to search for Cain and Abel and run it and there you go Cain and Abel has started up now you may have problems once again with your antivirus you may have to disable your antivirus i've sometimes found that when reboot windows the antivirus kicks in again removes Cain and Abel and then  just need to install it once again so just run the installation process done all the prerequisite stuff like disabling ipv6 setting up dns properly got winpcap enabled so all those settings are in place already so simply run the Cain and Abel installation process.

 again if needed okay so in Cain and Abel  go to configure you can set the sniffer to start on startup and set up poisoning on startup if you want to now at the moment the adapter that it's picked up is this adapter without an ip address and that may be because i disabled the network adapter after i installed kane so what i'm going to do is exit cane and i'm going to enable this network adapter.

 in this case it doesn't matter i've got two network adapters within this virtual machine connecting to the same network you shouldn't have that problem because you may only have your wireless network adapter on your computer as an example go to configure and notice it's picked up the second network adapter here and an ip address has been allocated to that network adapter so that's the network adapter that i actually want to use i'm going to set mine to start the sniffer on startup.

Cain and Abel

you don't have to do that you can manually start the sniffer by clicking here and in my example because i'm using a virtual machine and kane wants to sniff all traffic i have to give the virtual machine permissions to do that so if you were running this on a physical computer you wouldn't have that problem if you're running it within a virtual machine like i am you're going to need to give that virtual machine permission to capture all traffic on the network in this case because i'm using a physical ethernet connection it's running in promiscuous mode you may want to disable promiscuous mode if you're using a wireless connection.

Cain and Abel

 you could have problems using promiscuous on a wireless connection so you may find that it works better with just a physical ethernet connection if you want to capture stuff on wireless you may need to implement an op poisoning attack so that you actually see people's traffic on your network.

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