Top 7 Most Elite Nation State Hackers


Top 7 Most Elite Nation State Hackers

There is no question that nation-state actors, also known as state-sponsored or advanced persistent threats, are the most competent and sophisticated hackers in the world. Governments simply have more resources than anyone else to carry out hacking campaigns. They have more people willing to work for them. They have more money to develop hacking tools. They have bigger motives to collect intelligence. They have a longer history of collecting secret data. And they can be very patient, sometimes spending years on a campaign. When you combine all of these factors, it is far more advanced than anything that an independent group of hackers can accomplish. Here is a list of the top seven most advanced government hacking techniques.

Oh, before we get on the list, there aren't any advertisements in this video; however, I want you to know that if you like this kind of content, I create a podcast called darknet diaries, and it goes into depth in a lot of these topics, so check that out if you like this; otherwise, let's get on with the list. Okay, on with the list. number seven bureau 121 is the home of the North Korean hackers, and it is located inside the North Korean government's Reconnaissance General Bureau, which serves as the country's main intelligence service. Each year, students from north korea's School of Automation are solicited for employment opportunities inside the Bureau 121.

They will learn programming, operating systems, networking, and hacking while they are here. Why is North Korea Such a Dangerous Country?

is their willingness to commit criminal acts they are also known as the lazarus group according to a recent article titled the lazarus constellation north korean hackers have been actively attacking countries and businesses for the past decade their objectives seem to be in the middle of cyber crime hacktivism and intelligence gathering their cyber crime consists of hacking from monetary gain in 2016 north korea hacked into the bangladesh bank which they tried to steal money from they also go by the name of the lazarus group. This was done because North Korea was upset about a comedy that was being produced that made fun of North Korea's leader. You want us to kill North Korea's leader, right? We know one of the hackers behind all of this too, and his name is Park Jin Hyuk. He was indicted by the United States Department of Justice as the person who carried out the bangladesh bank heist hack on Sony Pictures and the WannaCry ransomware campaign. North Korea appears to be the only country hacking for

Since then, Iran has been making significant strides toward expanding its cyber capabilities. Iranian hackers have carried out attacks with an increasing level of sophistication. In 2012, Iran was responsible for a series of hacks against websites belonging to banks in the United States. Iran is also believed to be responsible for attacks carried out against saudi aramco, which is a massive oil and drilling company located in Saudi Arabia. The cyberattack on Saudi Aramco caused the deletion of 30,000 computers and left them all useless. iranian hackers were also behind the hack on the sands hotel in las vegas after its ceo made some rude comments about iran recently the us department of justice indicted nine iranian hackers and it's believed these hackers worked for or on behalf of the iranian government these people have allegedly hacked into the united nations 176 different universities in 21 different countries and dozens of foreign and u.s based companies including healthcare companies law firms and financial institutions The British intelligence services are known as MI5 and MI6. gchq stands for government communication headquarters, and this is the group that was responsible for breaking the enigma code and world war ii well since then they've been keeping up with making codes and breaking codes this includes gaining intelligence by hacking into foreign targets l the defense intelligence and gchq my guess is that each of these have their own group of sophisticated hackers but I know for a fact that gchq has some pretty advanced cyber capabilities The activities that take place at GCHQ are kept a secret and are guarded, but there are a few facts about them that we are aware of. For example, this is seen as a satellite ground station, and it is located in Cornwall. This station intercepts satellite communications and cable communications. 200 different internet connections flow through you, and some reports say that 25 percent of the entire internet flows through you. sure, much of that traffic is encrypted, but it still contains metadata that you can see, such as the origin and destination of the traffic; however, this is the same organization that cracked the echelon encryption system. edward snowden revealed a gchq project called tempora, which says they have the capability to tap into data flowing through undersea cables and store it. It has also been reported that GCHQ collaborates with telecom companies in order to monitor some of the traffic that passes through them. Snowden data also showed that GCHQ was responsible for a big intrusion into belgiacom, which is one of the main telecom companies in Belgium. In addition to this, there have been reports that GCHQ engages in eavesdropping on charitable organizations. German government buildings and the israeli prime minister's gchq also work in coordination with the nsa to carry out joint assaults occasionally too see there's this alliance called the five eyes which comprises of us, german government buildings, and the israeli prime minister's gchq. uk The three countries of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand This alliance was established so that these nations may exchange information and capabilities about their intelligence gathering, which also implies that they occasionally work together to collect intelligence jointly number four. israel I set the goal for israel of becoming one of the top five cyber security powers in the world, and it's a goal we have met. they have an intelligence unit called mossad, which is kind of like the cia, but they also have a hacking group called unit 8200, which is similar to the nsa. seeing as how it's mandatory for everyone in israel to serve in the military, and when you go in to take the aptitude test, unit 8200 chooses the I don't know where you've been, but if you haven't heard about Chinese hackers by now, I don't know what you've been doing. Chinese computer hackers have been implicated in a number of high-profile hacking incidents targeting the United States government and commercial firms.

Let's speak about the Aurora operation, shall we? In this assault, Chinese hackers broke into a number of different firms, including Google, Adobe, Akamai, Juniper Rackspace, Yahoo, Symantec, Northrop Grumman, Morgan Stanley, Dow Chemical, and Blackberry. chinese hackers frequently break into businesses like this in order to steal their intellectual property, also known as the "secret sauce" that businesses use to make their products, and then they make knockoff versions of the original product so that they don't have to import equipment and technologies from the United States and instead can simply make it themselves. in fact, at this point, chinese hackers have stolen all the parts necessary to create a comax c919, which indicates that they have hacked into companies in the United States on top of that, the Chinese government was the culprit behind the equifax data breach. airframe flight control systems radar wings digital flight equipment even the tires 147 million americans had their credit histories and personal information stolen in the opm breach, the tick tock breach, and the marriott breach. Pretty much anyone with a credit report got a ton of sensitive information stolen. what really bothers me is that none of us can send into equifax having all this data on us yet they did and got hacked, and now my private data is in the hands of the chinese. but that's a story for another time. the breach of the OPM This is the Office of Personnel Management, which is the government agency that manages all of the information on government workers. Unfortunately, Chinese hackers snuck into the office and stole the personal details of 22 million federal employees. It is believed that Chinese hackers were responsible for the data breach at Marriott, which led to the theft of the personal information of 500 million customers staying at the company's hotels. And yes, I know I said that this isn't a hack in the traditional sense, but I still think it falls into the same category. tiktok is a Chinese company that collects tons and tons and tons and tons of user data from everyone who installs the app. I'm talking about everything from where you are in the world to who your contacts are all the photos on your phone. tiktok collects this information from everyone who installs the app. What's on your clipboard, what other apps you have installed, your browser history, you name it: if it's on your phone, tiktok is going to try to collect it. Not only that, but they're collecting in-app data as well, such as the photos you post, what you like, and what you comment on in all of your private messages. This begs the question: which is worse: Chinese hackers stealing private data from American companies or American citizens sending their private data directly to China Some of these attacks can be attributed to these two branches, but not all of them. Some of them come from schools or factories within china, which is strange, but don't forget that china has a major firewall that restricts most Chinese people from getting to a lot of these websites that are getting hacked. It's pretty clear that if a company gets hacked from china which is being blocked by the firewall of china, then either some kind of special permission was given or they found a way to bypass it You already have a good idea what I'm going to say, right? It's true that Russia is responsible for hacking elections. To begin, they broke into the state boards of elections in Arizona and Illinois. They didn't change anything, but they did view 200,000 personal voter records. In 2015, Russia also broke into the Democratic National Committee.

Since they have been doing this for many years, we should not be surprised by this development. What's new is that they can do it all digitally over the internet. I believe that the most damaging hack that the Russians have ever done was against Ukraine and it was called not petya. They infected the software with a virus and worm that quickly spread throughout the country, ripping the country's digital infrastructure to shreds. Critical systems all over the country were infected, rendering the machines unusable; ATMs were down, banks were down, government facilities were down, hospitals were down, libraries were down, schools were down, and so much more. The hackers from Russia gained access to the tax software that many people and businesses in Ukraine used to file their taxes. Another hack that can be attributed to Russia occurred during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Just before the opening ceremony was scheduled to begin, russian hackers detonated a logic bomb, which caused the olympic data centers to be wiped out along with all methods for authentication and wi-fi throughout the olympic arenas. This resulted in a great deal of confusion. The Russian hackers are also known as fancy bear and sand worm. They are a component of Russia's gru, which is their intelligence agency, and more particularly, they operate in units 74455 and 26165. The individuals who were responsible for hacking the elections in the United States have been indicted, and their names appear on the fbi's list of cyber's most wanted. The fbi has quite a lot of evidence that links these individuals to interfering with the elections in the United States, and to find out more about sand worm, click here. The other hacking group should check out Andy Greenberg's book, which is titled Sand Warm; it's fantastic, and there's a link to an affiliate program for the book in the show notes. number one

usa Okay, so in my opinion, the United States government has the most advanced hacking capabilities out of all the other governments in the world. Call me biased because I used to live in the United States, but here are the reasons why I think this: first of all, the United States Department of Defense was the one who invented arpanet, which is where the internet originated, so they've been in this game from the very beginning. Secondly, there are many different departments in the United States government that have advanced cyber capabilities. nsa, certainly, and the United States Cyber Command, of course; however, each branch of the armed forces has its own cyber team, such as the army cyber command and the marine forces cyber command. the United States fleet cyber command is under the jurisdiction of the United States Air Force Cyber Command. Each of these units possesses its own offensive capabilities, which means that its members are trained to break into hostile networks and launch attacks. These attacks could be as simple as obtaining the exact coordinates of a target.

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